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Female hockey fans need to take a fucking step back. You blowing up twitter with an update of each move on the ice isn’t making you Rick Nash. Wow look at me, naming a player on the Rangers like I even know who he is. I can bet my bottom dollar that…

womenshockeyhistory punching-piebs This guy should shut the f*** off. If he do not like women’s hockey, fine. But bashing women hockey fans just show he do not have women in its bed often, or worse, fat chicks that cannot skate their heavy asses around the rink! Women’s hockey is of course different than men’s hockey, but as much exciting. Seeing Hayley Wickenheiser, Charline Labonté, Marie-Philip Poulin is simply amazing! As a Rick Nash fan, I guess he’s a NY Rangers fan… So we can talk about their last real Stanley Cup in 1940, how they bought the 1994 one, forcing the NHL into a lock-out to finally get the salary cap they wanted, how Eddie Giacomin was a great goaltender and how “Gump” Worsley was not an overrated wussy, stopping pucks face exposed, not like their current elected-by-his-own-pairs most overrated player in the NHL…
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