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Everybody in Mixed Martial Arts is talking about who should face Ronda Rousey for the women bantamweight title. Rowdy Ronda is outrageously dominant in her weight class and her sport overall. She needs a real challenger. The names of Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano are often mentioned.

Of course Zingano must recover from her knee injury and from the dramatic lost of her husband. Zingano is the legitimate contender, and giving her a title shot would be fair. Her striking abilities could give Rousey a harder time than those of Miesha Tate and Sara McMann altogether. Her Jiu-Jitsu could be some kind of a defense against Rousey’s judo (if any woman in MMA can counter that…) But really, Cat Zingano should use her striking power against Ronda Rousey. Rousey’s clinch work and killer takedowns are by far the best in all women MMA. That bout would make sense.

Also there is a lot of noise about Cris “Cyborg” Justino cutting down to 135 pounds (wouldn’t she die a few months ago if she tried that? Anyway…) Of course, superfights are a dream for many MMA fans, and Cyborg has a killer striking power and is maybe the more aggressive fighter in WMMA. But really, is Dana White wanting her in the UFC? Her long time association with Tito Ortiz and controversies around PED use and related suspensions would not play in her favor. But who knows… That would for sure be an amazing fight. But those who see Cyborg grabbing the belt easily should think again and again… What would Justino do on the ground in Rowdy’s hands? The answer lies within the question…

But I think one name should come in everyone’s mind. Holly Holm. That girl is amazing. Her boxing career is simply a perfect course. 18 titles defense. Nothing less. There is not much pro boxers that can boast such a fighting resume. She’s already a 135 pounds fighter. No need to drop a weight class, unlike Cyborg. Not much people know she has 3 pro kickboxing fights under her belt, like her killer headkick to Allanna Jones’ head on LFC 21 has proven. Her ground game is skyrocketing. 

Whithout overlooking Zingano (MMA 8-0), Holm (MMA 6-0) has a much impressive boxing record and an almost identical MMA record. Zingano is maybe a more balanced figther, but Holm is a striking machine. The kind of sriking machine that could be a real first challenge for the champ . 

That being said, Rousey is a VERY well balanced fighter, with really, really advanced judo throws, takedowns and groundwork. She showed, against Sara McMann on UFC 170, a lightning fast improving striking. She earned her place in the UCF P4P rankings. It would not be Hell on earth for Holm, and for sure the hardest challenge she would ever face inside the cage. Rowdy is not Allanna Jones or Angela Hayes Unlike some people say, it would in no way be an easy win for The Preacher’s Daughter. Chances are that it would not even be a win at all. 

But she’s, in my opinion, the next logical contender for Ronda Rousey and by far the thoughest test for the UFC bantamweight champ.

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